Tessera Weekend

Hi Mosaic,

It’s a Tessera Sunday weekend, and this Sunday, 4.14.24, there is no gathering at Piedmont Park as we engage in our unique Tessera movement of presence, participation and practice.

We hope this weekend allows you an opportunity to cultivate rest, grace, and mercy among one another.

Come and join us for our 3rd Sunday Gathering, 4.21.24, at 10am at Piedmont Park Seventh Day Adventist Church, 4801 A Street. Remember, coffee and tea will be served each gathering at 9:30am in the welcome foyer. Come out a little early and share in Mosaic joy with your church family!


Our budget preparation for next year’s budget at Mosaic has begun. Our new budget year begins August 1, 2024, and we’re looking for 100% ownership across the Mosaic family as we move forward. Ownership of this magnitude is a marker of a healthy and vibrant church family. First, we believe Jesus has shown us that joy is found in giving. Second, there is great freedom in being released from money’s power as we live with open, generous hands. Third, we believe joy resides in shared ownership of Mosaic’s ongoing movement. Our goal this year is to hear from 100% of those who call Mosaic ‘home’ so we can rejoice at God’s provision and set our budget according to what God provides. Would you visit this link and share with us what God is placing on your heart?


We’re a community trusting in God’s abundance as we practice our movement of receiving and extending the grace of God with one another and our neighbors. We invite you to join us in this movement of trust and generosity. You can give online here or by mailing a check to Mosaic Church, PO Box 81632, Lincoln, NE 68501.

Budget Year-to-Date Need
(8/1/2023 – 7/31/2024)
Year-to-Date Giving
$129,076 (-$13,734)